Bach Practitioner Conference 2019

Making Connections – Cambridge

Thanks to all Bach friends who came to the Practitioner Conference in Cambridge on 7th September 2020.  About 70 people travelled from all over the world, including Brazil, India, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, France, Scotland and England.

Bach practitioner conference

Making Connections 2019

The day started with a talk by Maggie Evans on Rescue Mix – Catalyst for Change where the role of the Mix as a seed for the whole system was highlighted.

Next, Gwenda Kyd asked if we need proof and how we can look for it using science. Her talk Proof? Connecting with Science, suggested proof would be useful but that it is difficult using scientific methods designed to test drugs.  She finished by suggesting that caution is important when reporting on results which claim to prove the effects of the remedies.

In the final talk of the morning, Lynn Macwhinnie gave us some inspiration on how to create presence in her talk Keys to Creating Presence.

After lunch, George Annice, Marketing Manager at the Bach Centre gave a talk on  Harmonising the Remedies with the World Wide Web where he showed us the new Bach Centre website and told us about other plans for the future.

The final talk of the day, by Tessa Jordan,  considered how best we can best connect with clients so as to achieve the best possible results from using the remedies. 

The day finished with a question and answer session, where the speakers were joined by Tony Pinkus of Ainsworths.  There were a wide range of questions, which included concerns about the sustainability of remedy plants; the possibility of using quantum theory to provide explanations/evidence of how remedies work and how the Bach community could be brought closer together. 

The raffle was also drawn during this session and answers for the quiz ‘Connecting with the Plants’ also provided.  The day closed at 5.

After the conference, donations were made to the MS Society and Red Balloon.

Bach Practitioner Conference, Cambridge, 2019. Photo courtesy of Kate Lennard-Jones.