Bach Flower Remedies for Emotional Rescue

About to sit an exam or go for an interview? Feeling stressed about am upcoming meeting or stuck in traffic? These are just some of the stressful situations which can be helped by taking a few drops of Rescue Remedy. This remedy is a blend of five Bach Flower Essences, specially developed by Dr Edward Bach for use in any kind of emergency situation. Carrying this one little bottle will arm you with all you need to help you to cope with whatever life might throw at you during the day.

Rescue Remedy is the best known and most used of the Bach Flower Remedies, but it is only a small part of the Bach Flower Essence repertoire. Dr Bach- a Harley street doctor, trained in both conventional medicine and homoeopathy, developed a complete healing system based on treating imbalanced emotional states which he believed were the root cause of ill-health.
Bach Flower Remedy for possessiveness

He began working on the system when he realised that the best treatment for the patients he saw was determined not by considering their physical symptoms, but what type of person they were. So someone with a cold could feel sorry for themselves, or soldier on regardless, or feel guilty for letting people down. He began treating them based on this rather than the fact they have a cold. He identified 38 emotional states and 38 individual remedies which can re-balance them. 37 of the remedies come from plants or trees while the 38th comes from water from a healing spring.

The remedies flood the system with positive energy which flushes out the negative. The remedies are often used to treat problems such as fear or anxiety, stress, lack of confidence or despondency.

A Bach Practitioner (BFRP), will typically recommend a combination of 6 or 7 remedies from the 38. For a combination of 6 remedies there are over 2.5 million possibilities, which allow the Practitioner to provide a remedy fine-tuned to the individual requirements of the client.
The remedies are completely safe and can be used by all the family. They can be used alone or combined with any other treatment. The beauty is they work so subtly you often don’t notice until someone tells you you “seem better”