About Dr. Bach

“It is not the disease that matters: it is the patient”, Dr. Edward Bach, The Original Writings.

Dr. Edward BachDr. Edward Bach (1886-1936) was trained in both conventional medicine and homoeopathy. Through treating his patients, he came to believe that observation of the personality was the most important guide for the physician, rather than the disease itself. In fact, he believed that the root cause of disease was an imbalance of our emotions.

“Behind all disease lie our fears, our anxieties, our greed, our likes and dislikes”, Dr. Edward Bach, The Twelve Healers and Other Remedies.

He gave up his successful Harley Street Practice to develop his new system of healing. He identified 38 emotional states along with 38 Remedies which can restore them to balance and began treating patients with these Remedies. He spent the last few years of his life working at his home, Mount Vernon, in Oxfordshire, which is now the Dr.Edward Bach Centre.

“…the personality without conflict is immune from illness”, Dr. Edward Bach, Heal Thyself.