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Molecules, Medicines and Mischief – A Year on the Chemical Trail around Cambridge University Botanic Garden

by Gwenda Kyd (text) and Mo Sibbons (photos)

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Plants contain a wide range of chemical compounds which can heal or harm us, give us pleasure or cause us pain and help or hinder us in our lives.  On the Chemical Trail, we get a flavour of these, looking at some of the traditional and current uses of the 26 plants and some plant-derived molecules.  We’ll meet the plants which link Howard Hughes and hay fever, Marilyn Monroe and pizza and Leonardo da Vinci and hair dye.   Recent scientific studies of the plants identify even more potential uses which will maintain or even enhance the role of plants in our lives.   At each stop on the Trail, there are week-per-view diary pages which together make up a year on the Chemical Trail.

164 pages; Soft cover; Spiral Bound; ISBN 978-0-9928998-0-6

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