Secrets of the Bach Flower Remedy Plants #1 Introduction

When Dr. Edward Bach began searching for remedies to treat the emotional states he had identified, he looked to the plants growing around him to find those with the correct energies.  He didn’t consider herbal texts but he did try to avoid plants which were poisonous as he wanted his remedies to be gentle and accessible to all.  37 of the 38 remedies he found come from plants (the 38th, rock water, comes from a healing spring).

The bach Flower Remedies

Today, as far as possible, flowers from the remedy plants are gathered from the locations identified by Dr. Bach, as it is believed that the energy of the plant varies with its environment.  Looking at plants at a chemical level, this has been found to be the case with the chemical composition of plants of the same species varying with growing conditions such as soil and climate.  The chemicals which a plant contains govern its metabolism, reproduction, growth and decay, give it protection from predators and attract the pollinators it requires.

In this series of blogs I’ll talk about some of the chemical compounds found in the remedy plants, their uses and potential uses and some of the folklore attached to them.  As I have been writing them I feel I have developed a deeper understanding and knowledge of the plants and I hope to be able to share this with you in the blogs.   Many insightful books and articles have been published on the flower remedies but I hope these blogs will add something new, giving you a glimpse of some of the secrets of the Bach Flower Remedy plants!

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